Sunset International Shipping knows that sometimes your new place isn’t ready for a move in yet, 或者过渡的时间比预期的要长.
That’s why we offer storage at each point of your move, including 30 days free.




    你可能会认为你不需要 存储腾讯一分彩信誉平台 在你生命中的任何时刻. 但是当你搬到国外的时候, looking at all the bulky and heavy furniture and other stuff around you has got you wondering if storing will be a life savior. 许多公司都提供储存你的物品的腾讯一分彩信誉平台, but there’s a reason (or several) why many clients choose our company for that service. 从存储的目的到它的许多好处, 让我们看看为什么应该选择这种类型的腾讯一分彩信誉平台.


    我们的国家幅员辽阔, and it’s only natural that our self-storage space is shockingly huge, 太. 这些单位加起来大于2.3 billion square feet, and that’s about three times the size of Manhattan island. 的 companies that own these facilities are spread over 40,000 business locations.

    另一方面, the square footage of our houses has doubled over the course of the last 50 years and is now about 2,300年平均. Still, one thing remained constant – even though we have more space in our residences, our need for storing things outside of our homes has stayed the same. We use it to stash the possessions we no longer use or use occasionally but don’t want to clutter our households.

    But, What Does It Mean When We’re Hiring Movers and Moving Internationally?

    An international moving company such as Sunset International Shipping is a partner we need 重新安置在国外. 但除了提供一般的搬家腾讯一分彩信誉平台, 如包装, 海外运输, 和汽车运输, 我们的搬家公司会为您提供仓储腾讯一分彩信誉平台. That comes in handy when you have a lot of stuff you don’t want to part with, 但双方都不想把它拖到世界的另一端.

    Sunset 国际移动 and Shipping Company Offers Free 存储腾讯一分彩信誉平台 for a Month

    没有人会说一个公司 关心你的满足,就像赠品一样 免费. Besides giving you a free quote (a general one when you contact us and a more accurate one when you give us an inventory list,(我们的单位在一定条件下也是免费的. If you have decided to pick us for your extraordinary life event that is relocating abroad, storage service is at your disposal 免费 for the first 30 days.

    三十天免费,真是了不起,不是吗? 在最初的一个月之后, you can decide for our 海外运输 company movers to either deliver your goods or leave them for a little while longer. If you want to leave your possessions with us, we will start charging by the day. 希望我们在这30天后装运你的东西? No problem and a month is usually enough time for you to get settled in your brand new and unknown place.


    We at Sunset International Shipping work really hard to make each relocation an ultimate experience for our customers. But to bring a wide smile to your face, we also provide some stress relievers. 想知道这是什么? It’s the guarantee that your possessions will be more than safe while in our hands because security is one of our top priorities:

    • As our well-trained and experienced movers box up your belongings into supplies and materials of the highest quality, 他们在每个包装上贴上标签. 这是用 一个条形码系统,所以任何混淆都是简单和容易避免的.
    • 一旦你的物品被储存在我们的设施里,它们就会 在摄像机的监视下. 没人能随便进来翻你的东西.
    • 我们的 保安人员会在周边走动 一天的工作,只是为了检查一下.
    • 我们提供的最重要的安全福利之一就是 我们的设备是有温度控制的. 这意味着你的物品将避免受潮和发霉, 不管你想让我们保存多久.

    为了获得额外的安全感, your chosen type of insurance (mandatory or Full Value) continues to apply for all the goods we store in our facilities.

    Preparing Your Possessions to Be Stored Is No Rocket Science, but It Requires Certain Supplies

    No shipping overseas can be done with just a handful of possessions packed nor without leaving something behind. You certainly won’t ship that old grandma’s dresser or your children’s artwork and art supplies with you, 而是, 可能会留在我们的单位里. 但和其他存储一样, to ensure everything stays intact, there are specific packing rules 遵循.

    First of all, everything should be boxed up in the best possible packing supplies available. 坚固的盒子、气泡膜和家具毯都是必须的. 为了附加保险,你应该彻底清洁,最重要的是,干燥你想要储存的每件物品. If this is 太 much work for you, bundle up our packing service, 太. 我们的 vetted movers will bring the best packing supplies out there, 马上把所有东西都包起来, 包括拆卸笨重的家具. This way, you’ll be positive that each object you store will stay intact.

    Sunset International Shipping Is an Overseas Moving Company That Will Make Each Relocation Seem Like an Adventure

    We take pride in what we do best, and what our movers do best is all things related to moving. When you shop around for the best international movers out there, 我们的名字一定会出现. 我们为您的搬家提供了诸多便利, our storage units are definitely that one thing you’re missing to have a smooth transition. Focus on your new life while our movers take care of everything else.


    Whether you choose to move by air or sea, we can help you budget and plan. 我们甚至可以帮你打包. 今天安排一个电话!


    搬家可能很困难. 这就是为什么我们提供30天的免费存储,让它更容易.